The direction and intention of Body Prayer
is fellowship with God.

Body Prayer is a Christian meditation practice inspired by physiotherapy, psychosomatics, neuroscience and martial arts.

Through Body Prayer we learn that the realization of God’s presence is a solid foundation of faith and that going in the right direction is more important than taking big steps.

In Body Prayer you may allow yourself to open up to God with your whole being, as body, soul and spirit, and merge with the infinite ocean of God’s love.

When we move slowly with a watchful rest, sometimes together with a short bible verse, our minds become as slow as our movements and we discover that God is present in every moment of our life.

What you will learn

  • How to be still and listen to God

  • Correlations between the body, soul and spirit

  • Tools to reduce stress and increase awareness

  • Valuable tools to discover God's imprint in your heart

  • How to include the body in your communication with God

  • How to avoid being distracted by the turbulence of the mind

Course curriculum:

  • 1

    How it works

    • How it works

  • 2


    • Content Overview

    • Fellowship with God

    • Embodied spirituality is universal

    • Embodied prayer in the Bible

    • Embodied prayer in the Christian tradition

    • Perspectives on prayer

    • God has given us prayer

    • United with the heart of God

    • Letting go - a blessing, not a command

    • Christian meditation as a healing dialogue

    • The Jesus Prayer

    • Cleansing

    • Open senses

    • Body memory

    • Prayer and health

    • Lifted hands

    • Bowing

    • Open palms

    • Open arms

    • Folded hands

    • Standing upright

    • Stretching towards God

  • 3

    Retreat talks

    • Content Overview

    • Dr Jeff Shu introduces Øyvind Borgsø

    • Introduction to the retreat

    • Christian meditation

    • My story

    • Journey through Christian prayer

    • Perspectives on prayer

    • How to cope with negative feelings

    • Body-soul-spirit connection

    • Breathing

  • 4

    Practice - Body Prayer

    • Content Overview

    • Let go and let God

    • God in me, I in God

    • I open up to you God

    • The Jesus Prayer

    • Bow down

    • As you please

    • God here I am

    • Ephesians 3,15-18

    • Ephesians 3:19-21

    • Ephesians 1:17-23

  • 5

    Practice - Awareness stretch

    • Content Overview

    • Awareness stretch 1

    • Awareness stretch 2

    • Awareness stretch 3

    • Awareness stretch 4

    • Awareness stretch 5

    • Awareness stretch 6

  • 6

    Practice - Guided meditation

    • Content Overview

    • Breathing and prayer

    • Dwelling in Scripture

    • Jesus in the house

    • Scripture meditation: Imagination

  • 7

    Review of the day

    • Review of the day

  • 8

    Bonus Material

    • Calm piano music - 27 tracks

    • Scripture meditation 1

    • Scripture meditation 2

    • Scripture meditation 3

    • Scripture meditation 4


  • Calm piano music

    27 tracks
    2 hrs 51mins

  • Guided meditations

    4 audio files with
    Scripture meditations
    based on Lectio Divina.

  • Community

    Ask questions and
    communicate with fellow
    students and your instructor.

Exclusive offer

Students are eligible for a 50% discount
on private sessions with the instructor.
Topics might be:

  • The relationship with God - how do you want it to be?
  • Daily walk with God
  • Experiences with the physical exercices
  • How to get the most out of the course
  • Raise awareness
  • The grass is greener where you water it
  • Overcome challenges and inner turbulence

You are invited into an open space where you are welcome to explore your relationship with God, nature and yourself.
The goal is to improve the quality of your day-to-day life.
5 star rating

Lifegiving gem!

Peter Park

It is the best course I have ever attended! It changed my life! I can now be present in a dialogue with God without being distracted all the time. I have ex...

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It is the best course I have ever attended! It changed my life! I can now be present in a dialogue with God without being distracted all the time. I have experienced what the author says in the course: The body is a meeting place with God, where God unfolds his life. The author is very skilled in what he does, and I highly recommended this course.

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Øyvind Borgsø

Øyvind Borgsø is a teacher, spiritual companion, coach, author, innovator, and a traveller.

For many years he has worked with physiotherapists, psychologists, priests, and counselors to explore the connections between the body, soul, and spirit.
In this course, he shares the essence of his findings.

Øyvind’s certifications and core competencies:

- Deacon in the Church of Norway (Lutheran)
- Certified Christian retreat leader
- Certified Christian meditation teacher
- Certified Ignatian spiritual director
- Certified Life coach
- Certified Mindfulness teacher (MBSR)
- RYT 500

Øyvind Borgsø has published two books, one DVD, four meditation CDs and led more than 100 retreats in Norway, Denmark, England, Hong Kong, Syria, Indonesia and Morocco.

One of his personal transformational retreats was a
4 weeks silent retreat in a cave in the Syrian desert.

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  • For how long will I have access to the course?

    You'll have lifetime access.

  • How often do you recommend to practice Body Prayer?

    It depends on your expectations and daily life. Sometimes it is better to practice 1 minute 3 times than to have a bad conscience over not practicing 30 minutes.

  • Can I have a private session with the instructor without enrolling?


  • Can I ask someone a question if I experience something unexpected?

    Yes. There is a button in the right top corner of every lesson where you can communicate with students and the instructor.

  • Can I enroll even if I've never practiced meditation or Body Prayer before?

    Yes. The course is suitable for everyone. The course has no specific prerequisites.